We are Top Web Development Firms for 2020.

Oct 16, 2019
We just received exciting news here at 99 Francs Agency! Clutch analyst Jeff Dixon just called our founder to let us know that 99 Francs Agency is again listed as one of Ukraine's top web development firms! Web development is more important than ever for businesses to stay on top of trends. That is why we're thrilled that Clutch labeled us as one of the top web developers for 2020!Clutch is the world's leading B2B platform of ratings and reviews.
Featuring the top providers across an array of B2B segments, Clutch has the resources for you as you seek to find your next B2B service providers. Clutch is the gold standard of B2B ratings and reviews platform because of their unparalleled trust. Each and every review is independently verified by their superstar staff, so that you can feel confident in Clutch's ratings, reviews, and awards!
" We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the leading b2b companiesin Ukraine by Clutch! "
— Alexander Vinokurov, CEO @ 99 Francs.
We love to show off our stellar average across our reviews on Clutch and to show off that we are recognized by The Manifest, their sister site, as a leading developer in the Ukraine! We have reviews from clients around the world who praise our work.
In a recent review, the business development manager of Pro Vision Lab, Dmytro Zakharchenko, praised the"99 Francs Agency excels at what they do. The whole cooperation went well. Their team understood our goal and performed well, advising us on a variety of things that would benefit the project. They suggested how to optimize better and receive the right designs. The website was excellently done. We'll definitely work with 99 Francs Agency again." – Dmytro Zakharchenko.
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"We're incredibly blessed to be one of Ukraine's top B2B providers and web developers according to Clutch. If you want to join our ranks of satisfied customers, please contact us today!"