Buysell is a big e-commerce marketplace. The main goal of the service is to develop a system like CRM that will help customers (sellers) manage their sales, products, monitor profit and costs, etc.
The challenge
The most common users of the service are people who sell all types of products through Buysell (all genders, age range 18 – 55, from all over the world). These people are very eager to use Buysell CRM in order to manage their selling business better. They want to see all info about products, different types of statistics about sells and customers, monitor profit, costs and all types of trends.
In order to fit all these requirements the main goal was to design comfortable web admin panel which would allow users to manage their products easily, monitor their sells and maintain customers database.
UI / UX Design
Web Design
Mobile App Design
We designed main pages of the service based on user experience practices of best eCommerce services, and also improved some of not perfect user experience ideas of such popular sites like Shopify, Magento, OpenCart and etc.
99F Team designer's comment
Alexander Vinokurov
CEO 99F, Art Director
Designing for a sprawling eCommerce platform challenged our creativity and innovation. It's where aesthetics meet functionality, where the user experience is as crucial as the product itself.
This project allowed us to explore the dynamic intersection of design, technology, and commerce, and it's a testament to the incredible potential that arises when passionate startups and dedicated designers collaborate.