Petly Mobile App.

The main goal of the project was to design User Interface and think over User Experience for Mobile App, which interacts with Smart Pet Collar. It was a startup on Kickstarter.
The challenge
The design objectives includedŠ± develop an easy-to-navigate dashboard that allows pet owners to access and interpret data from the belt effortlessly.Design the user interface to effectively display real-time data from the belt's sensors, ensuring clarity and comprehensibility of information related to the pet's well-being and location.
While developing the project our business analytics and UX designers had analysed competitors.competitors to identify best practices in user experience and interface design, aiming to surpass existing solutions in terms of usability and aesthetics.
UI / UX Design
Mobile App Design
The belt has plenty of interesting functions, such as a camera embedded into the belt, GPS and other sensors, notifications about pet's temperature, mood and distance from a preassigned geolocation.
The notification system that delivers alerts regarding the pet's temperature, mood, and location changes, ensuring users stay informed and can take timely action.
99F Team designer's comment
Alexander Vinokurov
CEO 99F, Art Director
Was a great challenge to combine rich functionality of the device with easy-to-use and at the same time fascinating mobile app. It's always very pleasant to work with such start-ups, because the client is passionate about his product, and we, in our turn, also dive into the project, trying to make it as cool as possible.