The challenge
Our task was to design a new main screen that would showcase the maximum potential of the application, emphasizing its various features. The client also expressed a desire to change the color scheme. Additionally, we needed to update the navigation to allow users to seamlessly switch between different functions.
UI / UX Design
Mobile App Design
Web Design
Fuel and Energy
The primary focus was on delivering visual information on the main screen, including the current balance with the option for  replenishment, and information about accumulations from each refueling. There is also an option to view information about current transactions and and go to the archive
It is equally important to provide the user with quick access to additional features such as the referral program, statistics, and insurance. This ensures that the customer actively utilizes these features, as they bring positive bonuses when using the application. Such an approach provides the customer with clear and easy access to all significant information, overall improving their interaction with Litrol.
Team 99F designed and implemented Landing page. The goal was to present potential clients with the most significant aspects and features of Litrol. We also provided insights into upcoming functionalities. We focused on creating informative blocks that capture interest through volume and color solutions. The professionally crafted text aimed to create an effective tool to enhance the customer base.
99F Team designer's comment
Alexander Vinokurov
CEO 99F, Art Director
The team at 99F successfully implemented tasks to enhance the user experience by creating a new design that not only meets the client's expectations but also highlights key features of the application. We are confident that the proposed changes will bring a new dimension to the development Litrol and attract more users.