Open Company Search.

Open Company Search is a service that provides various types of information about companies, including financial position, credit rating, shareholders and directors, business activities and other relevant information available in the company profile.
The challenge
The client's concept revolved around creating a service for the swift retrieval of information about companies. The objective was to provide users with both concise and detailed company information, including financial standings, credit ratings, shareholders and directors, business activities, and other relevant data available in a company's profile. Additionally, the service needed to offer advanced search capabilities across various parameters and ensure seamless navigation between different data sections related to the company.
UI / UX Design
Web App Design
Developed a corporate identity to convey the professional and dependable nature of the service. We opted for a warm color palette with a focus on blue to emphasize the business-oriented style of the service. The logo was also designed in a conservative style.
The challenge was to develop an interface that would accommodate the vast amount of company information while maintaining a compact and logical organization. Our goal was to create an intuitive interface that is user-friendly.
To save users' time when searching for their desired information, we developed a filter with numerous parameters, enabling them to narrow down search results. We also designed a user-friendly navigation system that allows users to easily switch between important sections related to companies.
99F Team designer's comment
Alexander Vinokurov
CEO 99F, Art Director
This project was an exciting challenge, and our team successfully accomplished the tasks. We have created an interface design in a business style that is intuitive and easy to use, enabling users to work with company data efficiently. The corporate identity and illustrations added a pleasant element to the interaction with the service. We are confident that this project will bring maximum benefit to users and help them easily obtain the information they need.