Reading Book App.

An mobile application that provides users with access to local libraries and with their own electronic library card.
The challenge
The task for the designers is to create a service and mobile application that provide users with access to reading books from local libraries. The application should also include an electronic library card for convenience and accessibility. It should feature functions for tracking the history of borrowing and returning books, as well as reminders for return deadlines. The interface of the application should be intuitive and visually appealing to ensure user-friendliness and accessibility.
UI / UX Design
Mobile App Design
Developed an intuitive registration process for the library card within the app.Integrating a book reservation feature for various formats through the electronic library card.
Creating an attractive and intuitive interface for searching and purchasing books in different formats.
Ensuring convenient filtering and sorting options for navigating the book catalog.
Developing a feature for creating and managing a personal book collection within the app. Creating interfaces for reading and playing audiobooks
99F Team designer's comment
Alexander Vinokurov
CEO 99F, Art Director
Presented the completion of the local library access application project. We hope that our solution will make reading even more convenient and accessible for users. We thank the entire team for their efforts and contribution in achieving this significant goal!