The client tasked us with developing a design for mobile application that would provide information about current electricity outages.
The challenge
The main goal was to create an intuitively understandable and visually appealing electricity outage schedule, allowing users to switch between different locations. Further more, users should be able to easily customize their list of favorite locations, meaning they can add and remove locations as they desire. An important aspect was to design the application in an attractive and engaging manner, in addition to ensuring the functionality for smooth navigation.
UI / UX Design
Mobile App Design
Energy and Power Supply
To begin with, we created a vibrant and attractive logo and brand identity that focused on the core aspect of the application: electricity. We employed a combination of bright colors associated with energy and user-friendly fonts to ensure readability and ease of perception. This design lent the application a memorable and dynamic appearance.
For the electricity outage schedule, we designed an intuitive interface that allowed users to select locations with a single tap. Users could easily manage their favorite locations and customize their personal schedule.
As a result, we obtained a mobile application that blended a creative and eye-catching design with the required functionality. Users could conveniently access information about ongoing electricity outages and customize the application to meet their needs.
99F Team designer's comment
Alexander Vinokurov
CEO 99F, Art Director
This project was an exciting and creative challenge for our team. We were inspired by the client's idea and aimed to create a design that not only met functional requirements but also provided an enjoyable user experience. Our work on the logo and brand identity was filled with creativity. We are confident that this application will be beneficial to users and make their lives easier in case of electricity outages.